Today Visualization brings different perspective in visualizing vast amount of data and delivering the value to the business. SPIDER is visualization framework that provides rich set of widgets to visualize the data, draw actionable insights and allow easy integration with any portals. We have partnered with sell-side client to deliver this product to their senior business heads and global sales teams to visualize the sales data and draw insights. The first release of this product is going out in September 2015.

MarkitWire Gateways

MarkitWire Gateways fully abstracts all the MarkitWire functionality and simplify the messaging interfaces for Dealers. It provides bi-directional flow of trades from booking, workflows, post-trade events, clearing, reporting and trade notifications. When we partnered with our client to build out this strategic MarkitWire gateway products for RATES derivatives, we knew we had the winning formula. To engage with client from the beginning of product evolution to the final implementation & rollout provides unique opportunity to ensure successful product delivery. We also collaborated closely with MarkitServ to onboard Credit and EQD products into this gateway.


Q-MARS was built to deliver high performant query management and reporting platform for end users to build any complex queries and share with other users. The introduction of workflows made it easier for IT and business users to optimize and abstract out complex query semantics. With the addition of exception management, service queries and real-time reconciliation, it can be extended to use as standard platform for query management, reporting and reconciliation within any firm.


Today there are many Rules Engines available in the market but to adapt these platforms by the business users is not an easy thing. There needs to be constant IT involvement in the development and maintenance of the Rules infrastructure for the business that is fast evolving. Our FINRULES product solves this problem by allowing the Rules Platform to be fully managed by end users. We engineered this product to deliver complex business logic into finite set of business rules. By providing the Rules Management UI along with powerful Rules engine, it becomes easier for business users to maintain the entire platform.

Cash Management

We launched first ever Mobile App for Windows 8 platform in the year 2013. This was the result of close collaboration with Microsoft India. We really thank Microsoft for providing UI design, technical support and lab facilities throughout the development phase of this App. Cash Management is the process of forecasting, collecting, disbursing and planning for the cash on individual needs. The Cash Management App allows users to capture their monthly income and expenses from various sources to see their overall financial health and to manage their projected cash flows more effectively. Users can navigate to any month within the Cash Management. See this App in Windows Market Place